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Tim Kealy
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"Choosing a renter’s insurance policy in Colorado, is more than just finding a good rate with any old company. It is important to understand the way various options and limit levels you can choose for your policy will affect your coverage, and trust an insurance agency that will take care of you."

If you have questions, trust award-winning Farmers Insurance Agent Tim Kealy to help you understand your choices and get you the best insurance to meet your needs.

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"Tim is the kind of agent who really does care about my family's well being. We insure our home and cars through Tim and could not be happier. I highly recommend him!"
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Your Possessions

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the contents of their home, but the value of your personal property can really add up.

Take inventory of your personal property to help you understand the amount of insurance coverage you want to purchase. Consider:

• furniture • clothing
• small appliances • computers
• electronics like TVs & stereos

Protecting from
Liability Claims

Renters insurance can also help you to protect your assets in the event a guest or visitor to your home is injured as a result of your negligence and brings a liability claim against you, or sues you.

  • Guest Medical (for injuries to your guests while at your home or apartment.)
  • Personal Liability coverage (protects your assets if someone were to sue you.)

Special Coverage for
Your Valuables

Coverage is available for your valuables up to the limits stated in your policy. You may want to purchase optional Personal Articles Floaters, which extend coverage for higher value personal articles, such as:

• jewelry  • musical instruments
• furs     • fine art

Renters Need to Know: Insurance is NOT INCLUDED in your rent!

  1. Someone breaks into your apartment and steals your property.
  2. Your waterbed springs a leak and ruins the carpet, walls, and personal property in the unit below you.
  3. Someone below you starts a grill fire, damaging your property and they have no coverage.
  4. Your kitchen fire creates $5,000 of smoke damage to clothing & furniture to the unit above or next to you.

  5. The same fire damages your stove and cabinets… leaving you responsible.
  6. While hiking & camping, some of your gear is stolen.
  7. A covered loss requires you to relocate for a month, costing you additional rent.
  8. Your pet damages someone else’s property or injures someone.
  9. While entertaining guests, someone trips and gets hurt.